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Rosarium Westbroekpark
"the history of the Westbroekpark"

Rosarium Westbroekpark

The Westbroek Park is one of Europe's most beautiful parks. This 20 ha. "English-like" park built in the twenties, to a design by Peter Westbroek. To mark the 50th jubilee of Queen Wilhelmina in 1948, the park was decorated by the Dutch growers of trees and shrubs for this jubilee exposition.

The Rosarium was realized in 1961 and that is were the Westbroek Park owes its international fame. From June to November, the 20,000 roses bloom here in 300 varieties! Rose growers from around the world send their latest annual plant varieties to the Westbroek Park, where they are planted in the experimental garden. Here they grow for two years to test them against our changeable climate.

Every year in July the International Rose Competition takes place. For this event rose growers from around the world come to Westbroek Park. An expert panel completed by a lay jury judge the roses on their quality. The winner receives, in the presence of many dignitaries, the Golden Rose of The Hague City. In Westbroek Park you can also admire an exhibition of 1000 Dutch species of perennials. The Westbroek Park is therefor the most beautiful "front yard" of a royal city!

Statues of the Westbroek Park

In Westbroek Park stand some statues of famous artists including the "Zittende Vrouw" (Seated Woman) made by sculptor Theo Nahmer, the statue of the "Gelaarsde Kat" (Puss in Boots) from Keller, "de Haan" made by Jos van Riemsdijk and a cast-iron sculpture of Everdine Henny, depicting Odysseus and the Sirens. Right next to the restaurant you see the picture of Berry Holslag artist called "Het Gesprek" (The Conversation).